A message for all our school leavers

A message for all our school leavers

It’s an emotional day here at nursery as we wish a very fond farewell to all our children who are going off to primary and secondary school in September.




To all of our little ones heading off to primary school

It has been such fun having you in nursery and we know you will have a great time at your new schools! We will see some of you in the out of school club in September, but do make sure that you come back and visit Pat, Sami, and Ashleigh – they want to see you looking all grown up in your school uniforms and hear all about your new friends and what you’ve been learning at school. Work hard, have fun, and remember to be kind (and eat your vegetables)!

To all of our big ones moving on to secondary school

What can we say? Many of you have been coming to GPDN since you were just a few months old, and it has been an absolute joy and a privilege for us to see you all grow into the charming and talented young people that you have become. We know that you will go on to have a wonderful time at your secondary schools and we would love it if you would let us know how you are getting on from time to time.  Never stop being the amazing, unique individuals that you all are – we will miss you!

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