The Baby Room is located on the ground floor of Starling House. This facility was purpose built in 2004 to accommodate the youngest children in the nursery. It benefits from an open plan play room, recently refurbished bottle-prep kitchen, nappy changing facilities, sleep area and laundry room.

Baby Room has its own enclosed play area accessed through french doors and surfaced in a soft rubberised safety surface. The garden includes a slide, push-along and ride-on toys, a sound wall and a variety of herbs and flowers to encourage children’s natural curiosity.

The Baby Room is designed to meet the needs of children from just a few weeks old up to the age of 2. There are different zones for different activities which are important to the development of young children.

In the sensory area children can play with sand and water or enjoy using all of their senses to explore painting activities using a huge variety of things including jam, marmite and cold spaghetti, to name just a few.

In the investigative area children explore treasure baskets, collections of natural and made objects, rattles, puzzles and musical instruments.

Children’s imagination is fostered with a collection of dolls, hats, bags and phones, as well as lots of photographs of children at play, fruits, vegetables animals and more.

As children in the Baby Room develop their physical skills they can challenge themselves on the soft play equipment, push along toys and rockers.

The final zone in the room is dedicated to communication and language. Children can snuggle with their Key Person and enjoy a favourite book, join in singing nursery rhymes, or just look at books whenever they want to.

Baby Room has a sleep area which is open to the rest of the room so that our youngest charges are never out of sight of our caring practitioners. We will follow whatever sleep routines you have in place for your child at home, so they can sleep in a cot, a pushchair, or simply on the cushions if that is what they prefer.

The children eat in their room together with their friends and Key Persons, making mealtimes a friendly time of social sharing. We have experience of all different approaches to weaning and are happy to work with you and your child to find the way that works best for you.

Towards the end of the day Babies will join up with the older age group over in The Old School. This gives siblings the opportunity to spend some time together and helps the younger children become familiar with the other staff and children in the nursery ready for when they move on to Toddler Room.